Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Guide on how to type in Nepali.

People ask me how to type in Nepali. Below are some easy steps to type in romanized Nepali:

Go to the Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya website: http://www.madanpuraskar.org/index_mpp.php
On this website:
Click on Downloads > Nepali Unicode Romanised. Save the file folder on your desktop or wherever.
Now, go to where you have downloaded the file folder and click on the "Setup" Application to install Nepali Unicode Romanized on your computer.
Now, on the left hand bottom of your computer, click on Start > control panel > Regional and Language option > Languages > Change Keyboards.
On General tab, click on Add > Nepali > Check the box "Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout".

Now, you will notice that on the right hand bottom corner, there is a box with EN written. Click on it and choose the SA Sanskrit option if you want to write in nepali. You are now ready to type in romanized Nepali.
Lets try: 
Open a MS- word document. Click on SA Sanskrit replacing EN at the right hand bottom of your computer. 
Type: n e p a l and find it written in nepali as नेपाल. (Cool, isn't it.)

O.K. Now, try my name: 
Press Shift on keyboard and type s, then type r, then type d. it should read like शरद. 

You’ve mastered it !
Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy writing things in Nepali.
मज्जाले नेपालीमा लेख्नुस।

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